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Our expert fence contractors install new fences, fence replacements, fence repairs and more. 

Styles include:

  • Vinyl fencing
  • Wood fencing
  • Metal fencing
  • Privacy fencing
  • Vinyl fencing

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Fencing Roanoke Va

We are Fencing Roanoke Va! Because of our professionalism and high quality craftsmanship, we believe we are the best fence company Roanoke Va!

Our Mission

Some people find us by searching “fence companies near me”  or “fencing companies Roanoke Va“, but most of our customers are the family, friends, and neighbors referred to us be our past customers!

Our mission is to serve this community with high quality fence installations and provide the best customer satisfaction. We want you to be happy with our fence services and our fence contractors. We hope that you choose use for your next fence project. Call us for a free quote to see why we should be the next fence builders for you!

Our Fence Installation Process

You may be tempted to want to build a fence yourself. Fences are popular DIY projects for homeowners, but our contractors do it every single day and do amazing work. 

When installing a fence, there is a specific process and system that is followed regardless of the style of fence or fence material. 

Step 1 – Set the corners of the fence. Having the corner set with posts are very important to the fence design. We will make sure that the corners and any pivotal posts are carefully designed into your fence project.

Step 2 – Installation of the corner posts. There is a lot of pressure and weight that will be put on the fence posts so installing them with accuracy and care is required for a well-built fence.

Step 3 – We run stringlines from the posts to make sure that your fence is built straight. You don’t want a fence that curves or bends over the course of long stretches. This is also important to find out where other posts should be placed.

Step 4 – Measure and mark the other post locations. Using the stringlines will help mark where the other posts should be placed.

Step 5 – Dig the holes for the posts. Once the posts areas are marked, post holes will need to be digged out.

Step 6 – We will then install the posts with concrete for added strength and stability.

Step 7 – After the concrete footings in the posts are set, then we add the top and bottom rails to the posts.

Step 8 – Once the top and bottom rails are installed, we then install the face boards or planks to complete each panel section. 

Step 9 – If needed, we then seal, stain or paint, depending on the material or style of fence that was installed. 


Fencing Roanoke Va Services

We have many fence services that we provide to our community. We can do most anything when it comes to building a fence, repairing a fence, or installing a new fence. Most people fall under these three categories when they need a fence company to help them.

We provide many services such as: privacy fence Roanoke Va, chain link, black chain link, vinyl, woodfences, privacy fences, security fences, security gates, wood gates, custom gates, cattle fencing, horse fencing, split rail fencing, wrought iron fencing, aluminum fencing, metal fences, pool fences, fence repair, and so many other services. Below are our main Roanoke fencing services:

Chain link fence Roanoke Va

Chain link fence Roanoke Va is great because it can last a very long time and is very affordable. Chain link fence installation is one of the most popular fence types to install in the area. For chain link fence cost, contact us today!

Fence Repair Roanoke Va

If your fence is damaged and needs mended, call us to come by and repair your fence. We will help to determine how to fix your fence and the best cost!

Wood Fences

Wooden fences are affordable and look great at most residential properties. Wood is very customizable and comes in lots of different styles. You can paint or stain wood to fir your particular taste.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is a great choice if you are looking for something that is strong and durable and has very very low maintenance. Vinyl also comes in many different colors and styles.

Ornamental Fencing

Wrought iron fences look great and most are made out of aluminum and are know as ornamental fences. They are great for security and are very strong.

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Fencing Companies Roanoke Va

Below are characteristics of a high quality fence installation Roanoke Va. We recommend that you find a fence contractor that has all of these traits. We definitely do. Once you find a quality fence company in Roanoke, the next step is to make a phone call or contact using a simple contact form.

Licensed Bonded & Insured

Every fence contractor should be licensed with the state, bonded and insured. This should give you peace of mind knowing that the job was done by a professional and that there are protections in place. 

Free Estimates

We are happy to come to your property, commercial or residential, to see what fencing services you are in need of. At no obligation to you, we will provide you with a free bid of the fence job at hand so that you know what to expect and how much it will cost to get it done!

Professional Experience

We are very professional and our experience in the area can’t be matched. We know fences and have help people with their fencing for many years. We are easy to talk to, and we know that communication is important along with being prompt, efficient, and staying on budget.

High Quality Materials

We use the best materials from a reputable fence supplier and this ensures that your fencing will last longer and require lower maintenance. We want to make sure that our fences are on your property as long as you expect them to be and it start with using only the best products.


When we build a new fence, the product and material that we get from the fence supplier come with a manufacturers warranty. We also will make sure that if the fence installation wasn’t done correctly, we will fix the issue at no extra cost to you. 

Locally Owned & Operated

Work with a local company! We are local and know this community. Support a local fence company in Roanoke Va and choose us. We are honest and trustworthy and committed to providing uncompromising service and high expectations. You won’t be disappointed with the fence services we provide you!

We also provide Fence Services in the Surrounding Areas

  • Bedford, Va
  • Rocky Mount, Va
  • Blue Ridge, Va
  • Cloverdale, Va
  • Many other surrounding areas

About Roanoke Virginia

With nearly 100k people that live here, Roanoke is a great place if you are looking for mountains, outdoor activities, hiking, fishing, friendly neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, and rich railroading history.

Roanoke Virginia is located in Roanoke Valley which shows off the natural beauty of the landscape. 
Roanoke is known for the Roanoke Star that overlooks the city from the summit of Mill Mountain. 

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“Very affordable fence services near me.”

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    Well built fence with such high craft. I would recommend this fence contractor near me in a heartbeat. Thank you!

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    Very professional company. The contractors did amazing work and couldn’t be happier.

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Roanoke Fence Company FAQs

Fence installation timeline

It all starts with having us come to your property. Contact us to schedule your free quote! We will come to your home or business to determine how much your fence project will cost you.

The next step is to schedule your installation date and order your fence materials and as soon as your materials are delivered, we will get your fence installed! 

What is the best fencing material?

This depends on your wants, needs, budget, and purpose of installing a fence are on your property. There is no type of fence that is better than another. To find out which fence is right for you, give us a a call!

What does a fence cost?

Fence installation costs are hard to pinpoint with a simple answer. Fence prices are determined by several factors including:

  • fence material used
  • customizations
  • location
  • linear feet
  • fence height
  • number of gates
  • and so much more!

Where can I find fencing contractors near me?

Typically people search online to find fencing in Roanoke Va. They will search for things like, “fence installation near me”, “fence installers near me”,  “fence builders near me” or other different search terms.

Referrals is another way to find fence companies Roanoke Va. Find someone who has had their fence done and ask who they used.

Another way to find high quality fence companies in Roanoke Va is to find a fence you like and look for the nameplate that is on the fence.  Roanoke Va fencing companies typically put their company branding on a completed fence installation.

Since you are here on our website, we can be that company for you! If you need to find fencing contractors Roanoke Va, just contact us and we will give you an honest and affordable fence bid.

Are you the best Fencing Company Roanoke Va?

Why, yes we are! Our service area covers all of Roanoke Virginia and many other surrounding areas. If you aren’t sure if we will do any fencing in your location, give us a call and we will let you know. Talk to you soon!

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